The origin of la Plagne was propelled by an economic need

In the 60s the valley was deserted due to a decline in agricultural and mining activities.
The local districts decided to go into partnership forming an inter-district federation; a project instigated by the mayor of Aime at the time, Dr Pierre Barrione. Thus, in 1961 la Plagne was created giving the valley an economic boost with its winter sports.
Plagne Centre opened on the 24th of December 1961 with 2 drag lifts and four ski runs.
Success was immediate, thanks partly to the advice of the ski champion, Emile Allais.
In 1966 Guy Lux hosted his programme ‘Interneige’ from la Plagne.
The resort started to develop.

Winter sports: flawless and dynamic

Boosted by the enthusiasm of the French and international public, new parts of the resort started to develop.
Aime la Plagne (or Aime 2000 “the cruise ship in the snow”) opened in December 1969, and the same year the Champagny ski area became part of la Plagne.
Montchavin was opened in 1972 and linked to la Plagne in 1973.
Plagne Villages appeared in 1972, followed by Bellecôte in 1974.
In 1980 both Montalbert and les Coches welcomed their first visitors.
In 1982 Plagne 1800 was created then finally Plagne Soleil in 1990.

Belle Plagne (2050m) where you are today, opened in the 1980-81 winter.

That year ‘The Matafan’ restaurant was situated in the Agate residence (later to be moved to opposite the current establishment). It was one of the first businesses in the resort and was originally owned by Dominique and Alain CRESSEND. The present location was previously home to the restaurants “le Vieux Tyrol” and “Chez Moustache” before ‘The Matafan’ took up residence in 1997, its name now very much part of Belle Plagne’s history.